A Public Transport Adventure

IMG_9521.JPGArtist: Theory of a Deadman – Track: Angel

Artist: Bullet For My Valentine – Track: Tears Don’t Fall

Artist: Art of Dying – Track: Best I can

Artist: Ralph McTell – Track: Streets of London

Artist: Breaking Benjamin – Track: Angels Fall

I drive everywhere. If I need to go to the City Centre, I’ll take my car. There is no distance too small or great for me and my car. I have been sheltered from using Public Transport and even getting the bus to the City Centre / Town is a journey I dread. I will put it off for as long as I can and thankfully this has always paid off. If I’m honest, I still don’t know where I need to get the bus from to get from City Centre back home. Here I was about to venture on a journey which struck fear in my heart. I had sweaty palms thinking about the trip. It was one I had to embark on and this time taking my car was not an option. 

It was going to be a long journey not for the distance but time. It was 3 trains to Euston Station. 1 underground train to Victoria station. Then 2 overground train journeys to Peckham Rye. In total 6 trains, 7 stations and the 2 of us, (me and my sister). I figured if I was going to do this journey it was best I do it with someone who has caught several trains in their life. The journey itself was daunting. Sitting backwards and not being able to see the road/track you’re travelling down was horrible. There was an air of adventure and with the adrenaline rushing through me; I was able to overlook not being able to see where I was going. We got to Euston and my sister was whizzing through the people and dragging me to the correct underground train. I looked around me and saw the mass of people just running past me. Each with their destination in mind and all their focus on getting their train on time. I think I frustrated many people with my random stopping and questioning my sister how she knows where she’s going? The answer which was ‘the board tells you which line and which way.’ 


Then we got to the dreaded overground. At first, I thought great this has got to be a lot simpler than the trains and underground. Oh, how my thoughts deceived me. We got to the overground line and that was it there was nothing to indicate where the train was going nor where we needed to get off to switch. Damn you London. I asked the cleaner who tells me to get on the train get off after 2 stops and then jump on the train going to Peckham Rye. At this moment I felt like the village idiot who had decided to leave the village. Why? We could have jumped on to any of the 2 trains which we watched go by; they all stopped at the same place and only went one way. 


The return journey was a lot more straightforward. I remembered the routes and the trains. It helped there was no time to follow since it was an open return ticket. The day of the return journey I remembered something my sister in law said to me while navigating me through Times Square in New York. She said it doesn’t matter if you don’t know where you’re going as long as you look as though you know. It’s all about your attitude and what you portray. If you let the lost feeling consume you, the people walking the streets of New York will push you to the side and leave you there. Act like you know where you’re going and just go with it. I pondered on her words and realised the entire journey to London I was frustrating people, getting pushed around and getting into a frenzy as I felt lost and out of my depth. On the way back home I took the reins and walked as if I knew the streets of London like the back of my hand. It worked. It also gave me that little self-confidence boost that as long as I have a little faith and act as if I know where my destination is the path becomes easier to travel. Even if it means taking a new journey via public transport. 

Thanks for reading. All comments and feedback are welcome.

Much Love and God Bless, 

A.    🙂 


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