Russ Concert

img_9709.jpgArtist: Russ – Track: What They Want

Artist: Russ – Track: Psycho

Artist: Russ – Track: Losin Control

Artist: Russ – Track: Pull the Trigger

Artist: Russ – Track: Goodbye

Artist: Russ – Track: Ride Slow

Whenever I have thought of a music concert, I’ve always imagined a hall full of people who are there to show their support for the artist or band performing. A calm sea of people with their phones out all recording the performance while belting out the lyrics to the songs they know. I imagined lighters or camera lights coming up at the end of the concert as everyone shows their appreciation of the music and then part and be on their way. I remember watching concerts on TV and always thought I’d love to go to one just to be able to breathe in the atmosphere and maybe even sing along to a song or two. As a 30 something female, I can honestly say my first concert was nothing like I imagined.

It was a Russ concert. My sister had purchased tickets and invited me to go. Excited at the thought of going to my first concert ever I didn’t think twice and jumped in with my acceptance. I had listened to some of his music coming through my bedroom walls as my sister sang along to his songs in the bathroom and enjoyed it. He’s a hip-hop artist however his music had a calm tone one. One where my back pain wouldn’t be too much of an issue.

The wait in line to get into the venue was relatively peaceful. I was surrounded by a few die-hard female fans who were thinking of innovative ways to let Russ know they love him. Typical of British weather the rain started to pelt down for 30 mins. Soaking me through to my socks. This still did not dampen my spirit. The hype to see my first concert was still intact.

The doors opened, we gave our tickets and made our way to the front of the stage. This was amazing. I only had one person in front of me. I could see the entire stage. I was close enough to see the artist up close. I couldn’t have asked for a better view even if I tried. Then came the screaming; fans and security. The loved-up females from outside had suddenly become possessed and crazed. They ran down to the stage screaming as if trying to escape from a zombie apocalypse. Their lives depended on them getting to the front of the stage.

It was at this point I thought to myself “What have I got myself in to?” The artist comes on stage and starts his first song. As Russ began his tracks and the crowd started the pushing. I’ve been in a few mosh pits in my life, but this was absolute carnage. Hands and arms were flying around everywhere. I’m seeing gun fingers and hearing nothing but the girl next to me ad lib the lyrics and very poorly at that. As the crowd starts to jump, I’m automatically lifted and bouncing along.  All the jumping did nothing but add to the pain of a torn/pulled back muscle. Did I complain no, as my sister keeps turning and asking me if I’m ok? Each time I put a smile on my face, lie and say I’m ok. I needed the concert to end as soon as possible as the back pain got worse with each push. Two hours later the final song and everyone parted ways as quickly as they had entered the hall. 


I was glad I went to the concert. I have no idea what it is about fans who get hyper and crazy when at a concert. I remembered when I went on a night out and saw Wheatus. I don’t remember jumping around like a lunatic as soon as they came into the building. I remember everyone watching the performance contently and calmly. I guess times have changed. However, as first concerts go the Russ concert was definitely enjoyed. Even with the back pain, I must admit Russ’s music is something I still listen to. He’s an artist I am expecting to make it big and when he does I hope to have a better back which will help me enjoy the concert better.

For now, thank you for reading. 

All feedback and comments are appreciated. 

Much love and stay blessed, 

A.    🙂 


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