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What is it about the cold weather that makes me feel all warm inside. Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons each year. I love the change of the trees, from green leaves to the golden reds and yellows. And when those leaves fall and you hear them crunch; it’s an amazing sound. I watched a Taiwanese soap the other day where the protagonist gets the rose petals and buries them. She thanks them for blooming with all their might and gives them a burial in the hope that they will bloom again. As I watch the leaves fall from the tree and return to the ground I can’t help but be grateful they bloomed with all their might. They provided oxygen to breathe and shade when the sun was at it’s brightest. It’s a beautiful cycle every year. The leaves get nutrients from the ground to grow and once they’ve bloomed they turn in to golden gems and turn to mulch which will help them bloom in the coming spring. A beautiful cycle. One which on cold days I can’t stop myself from enjoying. 

That’s not the only reason I love this time of year. Ever since I was a teenager I’ve always loved the cold seasons. Many people associate spring with new beginnings, love, and happiness. For me, the cold brings love, joy and happiness. I look forward to the first frost of the year. I watch it fall and it almost looks like fairy or pixie dust getting sprinkled. It glistens as it falls and if it had a sound I’d say it sounded like light tinkling bells. You wake up in the morning and can see the silver sparkle ‘Jack Frost’ has left during the night. The trees, grass, pavements and rooftops all glisten with a silver sparkle. They say not everything that sparkles is silver, however, the silver sparkle from frost makes me happier than silver ever would. And then there’s the snow. 

To wake up and look outside my window and see the world covered in a blanket of soft white snow. There’s nothing quite like it. To step on untouched snow, feel the crunch and softness of it. It hides all the ugly and mistake and gives you a blank canvas to work with. It gives you the chance to make snowmen and angels and brings out your mischievous side. I mean who doesn’t like to throw a snowball or two? 

What the cold season does for me is to melt my cold heart. I don’t understand spring/summer romances, where couples walk in the park, picnics and flowers. Give me a field with my scarf, gloves and hat with fresh snow or frost and I’ll happily walk for miles. Add a cup of hot coffee, some good company, and I’m one happy chappy. There’s romance in feeling the cold nip your nose and caress your cheeks. No matter how cold it is you feel warm and fuzzy inside. I say its magical because there’s no other word for it. Autumn and winter bring magic with them. The silver and white remind me of innocence and purity. That even in this concrete jungle, Mother Nature is strong enough to engulf it all and make it look pure again. Not only that, the cold makes me grateful. Every night I close my eyes with gratitude and thanks in my heart. Thanks for my privileges, my family and loved ones, the roof over my head, the heat, the hot food and drinks. It’s saddening to know there are many out there who do not have the same privileges as me. And although at this moment in time I am in no way able to help I can put out a prayer and be humbly grateful for what I do have. It may not be much, it’s more than many others may have.

Stay Warm, Keep love in your heart…

A   xxx 🙂  



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